Bach Cello Suites rendered for classical guitar



Listen to my Bach Cello Suites rendering of classical guitar as originally arranged by Bach based on MIDI files edited in Ableton Live Suite on SoundCloud

You can also buy it from CDBaby via links posted in the playlist on SoundCloud or the individual tracks. There are 36 pieces in six sets as originally written by Bach for Viola Pomposa, which is tuned in CGDAE.

If you wish to purchase the Ableton Live set I assembled for all 36 pieces in Bach Cello Suites, please contact via email at I accept donations over $50 via PayPal (using this email address to send) for the Ableton Live 9.2.2 set which I have put in an immense amount of work to create this music. Upon receipt of the donation, I will make it available via a private download link for you, along with a PDF receipt for the donation.

I am working on NST Tabs for all six suites in Guitar Pro but it is slow work. I will update this post when ready, with links to the PDF and/or Guitar Pro files available for purchase.

Some Bach pieces written for NST guitar are available on Bert Lams’ site as well.


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